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Membership airline

Take Air is a membership airline offering a fast, smooth and personal aviation service with easy and transparent pricing. This is our commitment to our members. The first step in offering the best service is to have a strong connection with our customers. We believe that the best way to reach that is to work with a membership base.

Whether you choose for an “All-you-can-fly" membership or a flight card, you will always be a member of a community of frequent travellers. People who will win time and have joy while flying.

Take Air Highlights

Take Air Highlights

What would you do with 2 extra hours per flight?

Choose Take Air and win up to 2 hours per flight. We believe you could use this extra time better by for example working and/or enjoying quality time. Rather than spending it queuing, walking and waiting in airport terminals.

Get used to a personal and proper service.

When flying with Take Air our Airport Angels will welcome you and help you with all your requests and needs during your journey. Just sit down and relax in our business lounges. Oh, are you thirsty or hungry? Just grab a (free) drink or snack.

Regular flights

8 flights, and counting, a week between the diamond & fashion city of Antwerp and the financial & pharmaceutical city of Zurich. More destinations and flights will be added soon.